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Best Memory Foam Mattress Reviews

My husband has been experiencing chronic pain in the knees and lower back for several months already. We have consulted various doctors about it. He has undergone an x- ray, MRI and other physical examinations. The results came out the other day and it was written in the interpretations that two of his lower discs in the spine are already compressed. This has been causing the lower back pains, which is also generating down to his knees and toes. The nerves in between the discs are pitted against each other, which cause the pain and sometimes feeling of numbness in these areas. Strenuous activities like going to the gym, running and carrying heavy items are the ones pinpointed to have caused this problem. He is required to go into therapy that will help stretch his back and remove the discs from being compressed. He was also required to change the mattress of our bed into something firmer, which can be beneficial to his recovery.

I do not know the type of mattress I should purchase because the only ones I am familiar with are the ordinary ones sold in the mall. When I did my research, I came across forums that are very helpful, as well as best memory foam mattress reviews . A great number of people are suggesting that a memory foam mattress is the best kind of product for this type of problem. Since it is my first time to purchase this type of product, which if I may say is a lot more expensive than the ones we use, I have to get something that really answers to his needs. I learned about the history of memory foam mattresses, which was originally made in 1966 by NASA to create a more comfortable cushion for astronauts in their aircraft.

A memory foam mattress is a product which makes use of polyurethane and other chemicals which forms something that easily softens upon contact with something that has heat like a person’s body and easily springs back to its original form. The advantage of purchasing this type of product is that it is proven to be very beneficial for people who are suffering various kind of pain in the back, neck or jaw, helps correct posture and other sleep problems. Millions of people can attest how it has changed their lives forever. Since using this kind of mattress, it has help change their everyday routine scraping off the stress and the pain they feel every single day.

In order to arrive at the best decision of getting the best mattress that suits your needs, read about the best memory foam mattress reviews in the web. This is the best source of honest and real feedbacks by existing customers who already has a first hand experience of what it feels like using such a product. You can get the opinions of millions of people around the world who will tell you the truth about specific item.