Signs & Banners

Custom Sign and Banner Information

Custom sign and banner could be as old as humanity themselves. They were the perfect means to herald, advocate, and advertise someone or something during their early forms. In spite of the lack of good technology during the early days, people somehow understood the importance of getting other people’s attention in the same way that most of us do today. Using whatever materials or tools, as archaeological evidence suggest, people of those bygone years obviously employed some sorts of signs and banners in their affairs.

In the medieval times, however, aside from criers and banners, signs and heralds were likewise used to advertise the presence of nobility or an upcoming event. It is likewise believed that the use of signs and banners for advertising purposes first occurred during the medieval times. Yet, outdoor advertisement only gained prominence after the lithograph was invented.

The first use of custom signs and banners for outdoor advertisement was in 1835 for a circus event. As circus is the most popular form of entertainment during those days, signs and banners had become the most common forms of announcing such event. Soon after, as other businesses saw the need for other forms of advertisement, the signs and banners were supplanted by the larger billboards for advertisement. However, banners and signs did not entirely fade to oblivion as a form of advertisement. It is still very much in use today.

Custom signs and banners are the most common forms of advertisement nowadays as they are easily used to identify and advertise people, business, or even church. These forms of advertisement can readily be found atop convenient stores, small diners, fast food shops, cafes, auto-repair shops, and any small business establishment. Likewise, these forms of advertisement are also used by most huge corporations to introduce their products, brand names, and company logos. Moreover, custom signs and banners may appear in printed or digital forms.

What Signs and Banners should contain?
Custom signs and banners are designed to contain very specific information in order to build awareness in the consciousness of consumers. This information should readily be digestible by the prospective clients’ mind and should clearly contain data such as the following:

• Business name which differentiates a business from other businesses. Having same business name may cause confusion that may even lead to legal actions against one’s business.
• Brand name which differentiates a product from another product.
• Logo which is well-established and identifiable symbol of a company.
Other information can be readily added to the customized signs and banners to readily answer the possible questions of the target audience such as:
• Telephone numbers – It is very important that your business phone number is readily accessible to your prospective clients.
• Website or any social media page or address – A very important component for your computer literate clients.
• Email address – An alternative item in the absence of company website or social media site.
• Shop address – An important ingredient in building the client’s trust.

The custom signs and banners information can be easily grasped by the target audience. Moreover, both forms of advertisement are cheap forms of advertisement that are well suited to most small business establishments.